Flat brush for adult use

This is a general toothbrush that can be used by anyone. It is produced with a compact head which fits the teeth structure of the Korean through joint R&D with Gangneung-Wonju National University Dental Hospital. It has the best plaque-removal ability and cleansing ability among toothbrushes for adult use for the same duration of brushing teeth.

특허등록 : 제 10-007-2981
Angel Namebrush, a toothbrush which remembers me
Angel Namebrush Professional has a part in front of the toothbrush where its user’s name can be written, making it easy to distinguish it from other toothbrushes. Also, the name is not easily erased by water or scratching by hand, so you can be used the product for the duration of its lifespan with assurance.

Product Characteristics

Toothbrush head

Toothbrush name part

Ergonomic grip

Toothbrush types


For adults

General toothbrush that can be used by anyone.


For youths

Appropriate for use by young people or women through a 3-lined brush that is more compact than 4-lined brush.


For kids

Convenient for use by producing toothbrush handle, which has a length that is appropriate to be used by kids, and head with compact size.


Special toothbrush

Toothbrush to be used for abutment on top of implants, management of other prostheses, or management on bracket or wire during orthodontics.


For orthodontics

The V-shaped brush is appropriate to clean out the orthodontic appliance (bracket) and devices around it.

Types of toothbrushes

General toothbrush

For any healthy adults!

Semi-slim toothbrush

Used for gum management

Slim toothbrush

Used for gum disease


[T31] Namebrush flat toothbrush for adult

[T32] Namebrush slim toothbrush for adult

[T33] Namebrush semi-slim toothbrush for adult

[T61] Namebrush flat toothbrush for orthodontics

Namebrush slim toothbrush for orthodontics

[T11] Namebrush flat toothbrush for kids

Character toothbrush for kids

[T12] Namebrush slim toothbrush for kids

[T23] Namebrush 3-lined semi-slim toothbrush for kids

[T21] Namebrush 3-lined flat toothbrush

Namebrush 3-lined orthodontics toothbrush

[T22] Namebrush 3-lined slim toothbrush

[T23] Namebrush 3-lined semi-slim toothbrush

Namebrush 2-lined flat toothbrush

Namebrush 2-lined slim toothbrush

Pen brush flat toothbrush for periodontal patients

Pen brush orthodontics toothbrush for periodontal patients

[T64] Pen brush slim toothbrush for periodontal patients

Pen brush semi-slim toothbrush for periodontal patients

[T41] End-tufted(regular)


Opego brush

Silicon toothbrush for infants

[T63] Toothbrush for dentures(partial denture)

1000 deluxe disposable toothbrush

Surround toothbrush

Two-lined flat toothbrush & End-tufted(replacement type)

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