What is an interdental toothbrush?

Interdental toothbrush is an effective tool for eliminating germs in the teeth which cannot be removed just by brushing teeth.
It is a teeth management tool that is much more effective for those who have wide gaps between teeth, those who are going through orthodontics, or those who have exposed teeth roots.
While it is often used by people after 30 due to modern eating habit and deterioration of teeth by aging, it is generally prescribed regardless of age according to teeth condition.
Also, it is recommended to have a habit of using interdental toothbrush beginning in teenage years since it is important to protect the teeth while they are still healthy.

How to select the right size for interdental toothbrush

  • For the size of interdental toothbrush, you need to purchase the size which fits the gap and space between your teeth.
    If the size is too small, it might not be brushed well, and if the size is too big, it might further widen the gap between the teeth. Since interdental brushes are divided into various sizes, be sure to select one which fits the gaps and spaces between your teeth.
  • Standard size (Unit: mm) (Wire thickness, frontal diameter, rear diameter)
  • Recommended size for interdental toothbrush (3S, 2S, S, M, L/ 3S is the smallest size)
    *10s~20s —> Use of 3S~S recommended (Use 2S, S for anterior teeth / Use 3S for molar area)
    *30s~40s —> Use of 3S~M recommended (Use S, M for anterior teeth / Use 2S, 3S for molar area)
    *50s~60s —> Use of 3S~L recommended (Use according to sizes of anterior teeth and molar area)

Cautions when using interdental toothbrush

  • After using it, cleanse it before reusing it. Change the toothbrush if the brush of the interdental brush is worn down or becomes shorter.
  • Do not insert the toothbrush by force even if it does not go in easily.
    If you are trying to use an interdental toothbrush which does not fit your teeth condition or use it using an excessive force, the toothbrush or the wire might hurt the teeth or the gum.
  • If you are using it for the first time, you might have blood from the gum or experience pain for 2~3 days. However, if you use it consistently after brushing your teeth, you will be able to remove the food waste between the teeth without having any blood.
    * Note: Infection in the gum may lead to bleeding.
    The reason for this is that the plaque that is remaining between the teeth might cause infection in the gum, resulting in bleeding just by small stimulations.
    If bleeding continues for more than one week, consult a professional doctor.
  • Interdental toothbrush is much more effective if you use it after having scaling. If you are going through orthodontics, you need to use interdental toothbrush every day in order to prevent cavities and keep clean. ^^

Do you still think it is cumbersome to use interdental toothbrush and dental floss?

If you manage your teeth using auxiliary cleansing devices even if it might be cumbersome, you will be able to prevent gum disease before you receive treatments with high cost for cavities, periodontitis, and implants, and will be able to ensure health teeth management event at home.
We recommend you to manage your teeth by receiving regular examination (scaling) every 6 months~1 year. ^^

Interdental toothbrush is recommended for following people!

  1. People with severe(halitosis) foul breath
  2. People who often use toothpick
  3. People who have wide gaps between teeth
  4. People who are going through orthodontics or using prostheses
  5. People who want to prevent dental caries(cavities) and gum disease
  6. People who can’t often brush their teeth after eating or often have food wastes remaining between their teeth

About refilling interdental toothbrush

Refilling replacement is only possible for H-Type / i-Type cannot be replaced

Information on printing/stickers

  • You can have printings and stickers that contain your company name, telephone number, and any texts that you want~
  • Quantities required for printing and stickers: At least 100

Interdental toothbrushes

Interdental toothbrush I-type 2p

[B15] Interdental toothbrush I-type 3p

[B12] Interdental toothbrush I-type 5p

[B16] All-in-one interdental toothbrush H-type 5p

[B13] Long-handled interdental toothbrush H-type 5p

[B14] All-in-one / Long-handled refillable 5p

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