Guardian Angel of Preventive Dentistry, a manufacturer of professional oral hygiene products for the dental clinic is a company that leads a healthy oral care through consumer-oriented proper oral hygiene and use of professional oral care products.

It is to prevent healthy tooth by increasing the use of secondary oral products including interdental toothbrush, dental floss through manufacturing and distribution of professional products rather than targeting the market for oral care products generalized.

We strive to make oral products to suit individuals by producing the products required in between hospitals and consumers and improving the quality.

Companyname Guardian Angel of Preventive Dentistry
Founded 2004
CEO Kim, Ju-hyeong
Head Office Address 101-1406~1407,88, Sinwon-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Major business Supply business of dental equipment to oral health centers in the country
Supply business of dental hospital equipment and materials in the country
Support of national dental caries prevention program
Relief and development projects (support of good neighbors)
Certificates acquired GMP
ISO certificate
Design registration(3)
Venture company certification
Innovation business certification
Utility model(1)